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How might Northwell Health envision innovation, tech-driven patient and clinician experiences?

Northwell Health


Designing the Future Ambulatory Experience Across Northwell Health



The 3 recommended technology solution sets met the end user needs, at both the patient- and clinician-level. Each solution was paired with corresponding capability sets to guide Northwell Health in implementation and bring the new patient and clinician experience to fruition.

Key Insights

In total, we created seven research-driven insights that fall along three grounding principles of access, respect, and agency, with the potential of a fourth, elevate, for further enhancement. The guiding principles are represented visually on the framework, the Hierarchy of Conscious Care, which demonstrated how each principles ladders up to the next. The framework can be found in the images below.
1. Access: When the basics aren't in place, like foundational access to clinical care and simple coordination across departments, patients and clinicians are unable to realize the promise of a one-stop healthcare system.

2. Respect: A lack of transparency erodes trust and leaves both patients and clinicians feeling frustrated. Once baseline respect is established, patients crave care that honors individuality and unique choices.

3. Agency: Patients need a fundamental understanding of their condition to take ownership of their care journey. This understanding opens up opportunities to regain control in a situation that often feels beyond their grasp.

4. Elevate: Non-clinical moments hold significance, but only if the fundamentals are met first. Once patients and clinicians have access, respect, and the agency to make decisions, they look for delightful moments that elevate their care experience.

Project Process

In-Context Research

Expert and Analogous Research

Synthesis to Concepting


Final Share Out

In charge of designing our ethnographic research, I created a research plan that utilized several methods, tools, and frameworks to achieve our research goals. These included personal immersions, fly-on-the-wall observations, care experience journey mapping, and a sacrificial concept review.

To accelerate our creativity and advance our recommendations, we met with experts and organized an analogous research experience. Analog research asks us as researchers and our clients to think differently. It supercharges innovation – borrowing solutions and workarounds from analog industries to improve a product, service, or experience. As part of this project, I coordinated a field visit to to Virgin Voyages in Miami with Northwell Health aimed to capitalize on how the celebrated cruise line delivers supportive, guided experiences that seamlessly integrate technology into the physical space.

Through synthesis, I led the generation of 7 insights grounded in both patient and clinician needs. These insights were visually represented through a framework I created that we named the Hierarchy of Consciou Care. The purpose of the framework was to aid our clients at Northwell Health to understand how the insights work together. Inspired by the insights readout, the team organized and facilitated a concepting workshop, where we worked with Northwell Health stakeholders to generate creative solutions that ladder up to the needs surfaced during research.

To help the team elevate concepts with the most potential, we organized an interactive prioritization workshop where we guided Northwell stakeholders through the refined concepts generated in the concepting workshop and had participants use a google survey where they rated each concept on desirability, viability, and feasibility. The google survey's outputted a list of prioritized concepts on a scale from 1 to 10.

The 3, tech-informed solutions were presented to the broader Northwell Health community through an open house. During the open house, participants were able to walk through the project in it's entirety–from research background to recommended solutions and everything in-between.

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