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Enabling users to easily transition to a final presentation on MURAL.

PROJECT Graduate Human-Centered Product Management Course at Northwestern University
INDUSTRY Project Management and UX Design
ROLE Aided the team in storytelling, product discovery, rapid prototyping, and connecting detailed design with agile delivery. 
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MURAL is an online service that offers a digital workspace for visual collaboration.  While the service is great for workshops and brainstorming, our team found through preliminary research there is a current pain point in which MURAL users have difficulty using MURAL past the ideation and brainstorming phase to the presentation phase. Therefore, our team tried to answer how might we enable users to take brainstormed frameworks and transform them to be presentable in slides?

My team developed MURAL Stories, an additional feature that allows MURAL users to create a final presentation within the existing MURAL platform in a manner that is familiar and allows active,
real-time participation from audience members



Asking the Experts

Our team conducted an interview with two MURAL experts, an individual who is part of the MURAL consultant network as well as the Head of MURAL Experts On-Demand. Through these two initial interviews, we identified overarching how might we statements, which we sorted into themes, that we would then vote on to decide the direction of our project.

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Mapping the Process

Our team also used our expert interviews in order to gain insight as to how a current MURAL user will go throug h the process of presenting in MURAL. We mapped this current process while pointing out the specific areas of the process in which our how might we statements aligned.

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Prototyping and User Testing

Through an iterative process, we created lo-fi prototypes to test in front of users. In our user interviews, in addition to gaining feedback on our designs, we also developed further insights into what success would look like. The insights we collected were:​

  • Familiarity prompts the adoption of new services.

  • Workflows are most efficient when everything is within one platform

  • Presentation viewers crave participation to remain engaged

Final Mock-up and Presentation

After synthesizing the information we heard in our interviews, we did one final round of iterations on our prototype. We presented our final pitch which was a walkthrough of wireframes developed of Figma to our client, MURAL, and told the story of MURAL stories. In our final presentation, we highlighted that this new experience would:

  • Have easy adoption because of its familiarity with popular presentation building services

  • Evolve presentations from 'death by powerpoint' to an engaging storytelling experience

  • Retain MURAL users that were creating their presentation in alternative services


Lastly, we passed on a product roadmap that provided the steps to successfully bring MURAL Stories to market.

Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

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Future Work
Future Work

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Final Prototype
Final Prototype

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Product Roadmap
Product Roadmap

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