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Streamlining Data Collection at a Non-Profit.

CLIENT. GlobeMed Executive Offices

PROJECT. Member Dues Data Collection System Overhaul and Evaluation Study on the Effect on an Increase in Member Dues

INDUSTRY. Non-profit. Social Sector.

ROLE. Redesigned and implemented a new data collection system. Created, executed, and shared an evaluation study on the effect of increasing member dues on the diversity of individual GlobeMed Chapters.

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GlobeMed aims to mobilize a community of students and grassroots leaders to improve the health of people around the world by mobilizing groups of university students around the world. In order to keep track of its member pool. it is vital for the organization to have an intuitive data collection system that arranges all the member-related information. I was tasked to create this system. Furthermore, GlobeMed implemented an increase in member dues and I was responsible for assessing the effect this had on the diversity of the individual chapters.


After understanding how individual data has to be used as well as looking at their current system (an inconsistent combination of SalesForce and Google Drive), I compiled the data into an interlinked GoogleDrive set-up with consistent naming and updating procedures. After completing the organization, I then designed the evaluation plan and formulated insights off of the analyzed data. The outcome was then presented to the entire staff.


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